Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hyakumeizan: images & ink (2)

Illustrated excerpts from One Hundred Mountains of Japan

Image: Brockenspectre seen from the Dai-Kiretto between Kita-Hodaka and Minami-dake, Japan Northern Alps.

Ink: On Akaishi-dake from Nihon Hyakumeizan (One Hundred Mountains of Japan) by Fukada Kyūya (1964)

As I went down towards Daishōji-daira, a sea of clouds trailed away eastwards from the ridge. A brockenspectre kept playing on the white billows until I came down to Ko-Akaishi. When I turned and looked back, I saw that noble peak driving on the wind through the clouds. This image will stay with me forever.

Note: brockenspectres are seen when the observer's shadow is projected onto a nearby cloud-bank - a condition that is often fulfilled in the Japan Alps. Additional and excellent examples of Japanese brockenspectres can be found at this website and on a blog post by CJW.


Peter said...

My experience on Akaishi was more like Weston's. As I heard he reportedly said, "I missed the view but I viewed the mist."

The next morning, however, from Fujimidaira I witnessed one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Which reminds me, I was thinking of a new post for the Project: Sanmyaku blog. I think this story will be it. Look for it in a day or two.

Project Hyakumeizan said...

Peter: I shall certainly be looking out for the posting on Fujimidaira. Haloes and optical phenomena are a subject dear to Project Hyakumeizan's heart. If you want to pursue haloes 'n stuff further, you will be charmed by Marcel Minnaert's book. Has nothing to do with Japan, except that I found my copy in Kinokuniya, bless them. Review at:-