Monday, May 16, 2011

Hanameizan in Tohoku

Fellow blogger Hanameizan is famous for taking his dog up all One Hundred Mountains a few years ago.

Recently, he has spent several weekends helping to clean up flood-damaged homes in Ishinomaki, one of the cities hardest hit by the tidal wave in March.

The foreign press continues to report diligently on Japan, but it is Hanameizan's report that brings home the realities of life in the disaster zone. I hope that many people will read this article.

Tsunami: a report by Hanameizan

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sunnybeauty said...

I was at the same place on the same weekend. Unfortunately, I live far away from Ishinomaki, and I could go there only for one weekend and work only for a day. I feel grateful for Julian's going back there every weekend, as I felt I left an unfinished business there when I had to come back home so soon having done so little. Volunteer groups are still being formed every week in my town. This will probably go on for more months to come. I wish to join them again. I wrote my Ishinomaki report here(, too, in which I put a link to Julian's blog. I hope it was all right. I was deeply impressed by his report.