Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Images and ink (12)

Ink: On Tokachi-dake, from Nihon Hyakumeizan (One Hundred Mountains of Japan) by Fukada Kyūya (1964):

Today, the sulphurous smoke vents not from the main crater but from the so-called New Crater that opened on May 24, 1926. The sudden explosion overthrew the crater wall, sending its debris and volcanic detritus cascading downslope in all directions. Fed by melting snowfields, the resulting mudflow cut a swathe of destruction for twenty-eight kilometres, burying homes, devastating countless fields, and snuffing out one hundred and forty-four lives.


Many thanks to "Threepinner" for posting the elegant header picture on his flickr site, whence it comes here. Photography fans should click on the picture to see more of Threepinner's mountain photography from Hokkaido. The photos of the 1926 eruption (as mentioned in the text) are by courtesy of Hokkaido Science Education Center

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Peter Skov said...

I know threepinner's work well and he has some great stuff. I am glad to see that his stunning B&W photograph inspired a post.